Would you like to thrive?

I guarantee you that you will achieve way more than you ever allowed yourself to believe. Working with me delivers results. Not just results, but long-lasting phenomenal results.

I do not make these guarantees lightly. If you work with me and commit to implementing the changes that WE, together, identify, you will have just health, but total wellbeing, the way you should feel.

I am in remission of Rheumatoid Arthritis, an aggressive and painful chronic autoimmune condition about which doctors say “there is no cure”. I now feel healthier and younger than 10 years ago. I have literally turned the clock back.

Being healthy is simple, but not easy!

Work with me, an AIP certified health coach and functional medicine student coach, to understand the root causes behind your condition or you not achieving your best. No small claim, but I will make your quest for health not only smooth and also - and most importantly - fun and enjoyable. All my programmes are unique and tailored to the individual and to your needs and life circumstances and totally achievable.

This is my second belief:

Living a healthy life shouldn’t feel boring nor hard!

What is health coaching?

What is health coaching?