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Photo by Carin Tharkrar /

About Me

I am French and I moved to London in 1996.  After a degree, a few jobs in advertising, a house purchase, a Scottish husband and 2 London-born children, it is safe to say that I am pretty settled here.  I absolutely love London, it is such a vibrant and multi-cultural city.  Although I would love it even more if it was a few degrees warmer!

After many years in the corporate world, working for global advertising agencies and for LEGO, I decided to pursue my passion of food.  But not just any food...  food as medicine, food as our fuel and energy source.  So I went on to study health coaching.  

But why health coaching specifically?  In 2012, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and I also spent 6 weeks in hospital paralysed with Guillain BarrĂ© Syndrome.  Both are autoimmune diseases and whilst I recovered from the latter, RA is a life-long chronic condition with (currently) no cure.  Whilst there are many medications available, they are very aggressive and have a long list of side effects.  Not only that, but after 4 years of trying several, nothing seemed to work.  I already knew that being gluten free (and dairy free - though at the time I was not) was helping, so in early 2016, I met with a nutritionist who suggested I read The Wahl's Protocol from Dr Wahls.

I was convinced this was the way forward, but totally overwhelmed by the changes it required.  Nonetheless, one weekend, I cooked the types of food that were recommended and unbelievably, the pain from the RA was greatly diminished.  This in itself was life changing.  I was now convinced that food is medicine and food can be one of the contributing factor to disease(s).  And at the same time, I also believe that healthy food doesn't have to be plain and dull.

I love cooking and I have many resources (books, utensils, appliances) and ingredients (spices, essential oils, amazing produce) at my fingers tips which made the process to switch of switching to food close to 100% home-made much easier.  I saw adapting my style of cooking as a challenge and I thrive on impossible challenges.  I did a lot of research and reading, tried a lot of different things, some that worked, some that didn't. 

As a certified health coach, I make this process a lot easier for you, by sharing my knowledge and skills, whilst providing you with a method to implement these changes for yourself and your family.  Being healthy is fairly simple, but it doesn't mean it is easy.

Since my IIN qualification, I have become a certified AIP coach, which means I am particularly well versed in the Autoimmune Paleo philosophy.  That said, I am happy to help anyone with their own health challenges, whatever there are.

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