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Photo by Carin Tharkrar /

About Me

I am a mum & a wife, a daughter & a sister; I am a former successful marketing senior executive and I am now a health coach. My health coaching journey started because of or rather thanks to my own health journey.

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In 2012, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Not content with one major health crisis (always the high achiever!), I also spent 6 weeks in hospital paralysed with Guillain Barré Syndrome.  Both are autoimmune diseases and whilst I recovered from the latter, RA is a life-long chronic condition with (currently) no “cure”.  Whilst there are many medications available, they are very aggressive and have a long list of side effects.  Despite trialing many different medications, nothing seemed to work, I was getting worse and worse.  Finally, after 4 long years of getting more and more disabled, in early 2016, I met with a nutritionist who suggested I read The Wahls’ Protocol from Dr Wahls.

I was convinced that nutrition and self-care were the way forward, but totally overwhelmed by the changes it required.  Nonetheless, one weekend, I cooked the types of food that were recommended and unbelievably, the pain from the RA was greatly diminished.  This in itself was life changing.  Getting and staying healthy has since been a long journey and definitely not a straight line. I have had some highs and some definite lows. Nonetheless, I am now in remission and I have made it my mission to help others discover true health.

Most people will consider themselves healthy because they don’t have a diagnosed illness. Many people will suffer from aches and pains for years before either being diagnosed with a condition or seeking help. No-one is born “being headachy”. Pain is a sign of dis-ease in the body that needs to be addressed. Beyond symptoms, being healthy is having plentiful energy, being pain-free, having stable moods and feeling generally happy. It is not needing a crutch like caffeine or sugar or worse drugs or alcohol to get you through the day.

There is no doubt that my love of cooking has made this process of switching diets easier. Nonetheless it is still a significant commitment.  As a certified health coach, I make this process a lot easier for you, by sharing my knowledge, skills and personal experience, whilst providing you with a method to implement these changes for yourself and your family. 

Being healthy is simple, but it is by no mean easy.

Since my IIN health coach qualification, I have become a certified AIP coach, which means I am particularly well versed in the Autoimmune Paleo philosophy.  Since September 2018, I have been studying at the School of Applied Functional Medicine (SAFM), which will help me further my expertise, especially in working with clients in understanding the root causes of their dis-ease and using nutrition and other lifestyle medicine practices to overcome their conditions.

Alongside my health coaching practice, I am also a dōTERRA wellness advocate. Essential oils have helped me reduced my toxic load in my household and personal care, as well as support my family’s healthcare needs, which has also played an important part in my recovery.

A bit more about me

I am French and I moved to London in 1996.  After a university degree, a few jobs in advertising, a house purchase, a Scottish husband and 2 London-born children, it is safe to say that I am pretty settled here.  I absolutely love London, it is such a vibrant and multi-cultural city.  Although I would love it even more if it was a bit more sunny (Vitamin D is crucial after all!).

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