Practical Workshops, Cooking Classes and Decluttering Services

When setting out to make some major diet and lifestyle changes, it can be overwhelming at first.  I have designed practical workshops, to set you on your health journey some practical skills essential to your new lifestyle


Cooking class

The classes will be adapted to your current cooking skills and range from basics to more advanced cooking techniques.  I will create themed classes, such as vegetables masterclasses, Sunday roast, cooking "free from" menus, quick easy dinners, salads, lunch boxes, snacks, etc.

The classes can take place at my house, but preferably in your kitchen, so you use your own space

Group classes are available

Shopping and pantry overhaul workshop

I will come to your house and we will go through your fridge and pantry and we will review several elements around ingredients and we will discuss weekly meals planning

Photo by  Annie Spratt  on  Unsplash


De-Cluttering session

Having a clutter-free home goes a long way to reduce your stress.  A study by UCLA's Center in Everyday Lives found that women living in cluttered homes had elevated cortisol.  Following Marie Kondo's decluttering and tidying philosophy, I can help you declutter your home