Health Coaching and Essential Oils for a better you

Health coaching


What is coaching and why does it work?

Coaching focuses on empowering clients to take responsibility for their own health.  I work together with my clients to establish achievable goals, adapted to the client's life circumstances.  As the coaching programme progresses, this usually amounts to a complete overhaul, which is only successful as it is is implemented step by step.  As a health coach, I have a distinct role in that I focus on behavioural changes, to achieve profound and long-lasting well-being.

The 6-month programme and what to expect?

The programme lasts 6 months and will include 2 50-min monthly sessions.  This is designed in a way that it allows for a staggered progression, ensuring all new habits are well established.  It also allows time to address setbacks, which can often happen during holidays and/or other celebrations.  Whilst I will provide you with a brief outline of the programme after your first session, it will be continuously refined as you progress and your situation or your goals evolve.


The investment required is £160 monthly, to be paid at the start of each month.  15% discount if the full programme is paid upfront.

It covers the sessions, preparation time, ad hoc support (limit to 1 email a week) and handouts.

When buying a 3-month programme, you will received a MYNDMAP journal to support you along your journey.