Tarragon sauce vierge: beautiful companion for fish

Tarragon sauce vierge: beautiful companion for fish

This recipe is inspired by a recipe I received from Fishbox who I now use to source my weekly fish.  In the AIP protocol, it is recommended to consume between 3 to 5 portions of fish / seafood a week.  Having found Fishbox has been amazing to increase our fish consumption - as well as the variety (supermarket options are often limited to salmon and cod!!).

It turned out that the recipe was for a cooked sauce, but I assumed it was raw (I skimmed read the instructions, focussing only on the list of ingredients!).  I also omitted tomatoes, which are off the menu for AIP.  

But it turned out beautiful and I now make it weekly and consume regularly with fish.  It is stunning and it means I can turn a simple pan-fried fish fillet into a very tasty dish.

So far it has worked with all the fish I've tried it with: Coley, Sea Bream, Cod...



120ml of olive oil

1 lemon (juice only) (can add more to your taste)

1 shallot (peeled and quartered)

1 garlic clove (peeled)

3 tbsp tarragon

Salt (& pepper if reintroduced) to taste

Put all the ingredients except the olive oil and salt in a blender.  Once roughly blended, add the olive oil little by little.

(The sauce keeps well in the fridge for a week)


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