I have possibly one of the most complicated medical histories - a lifetime of seemingly unrelated illnesses that no one ever thought could be linked. I have been working with Caroline for a few months, and her approach has been gentle and caring, but most importantly she has really listened in a way no other healthcare professional has done. Her holistic approach is extremely thorough, and her research into each and every one of my symptoms, gave me new-found hope that perhaps I wasn’t always going to live with pain on a daily basis. Suspecting that all my conditions might be caused by an underlying and undiagnosed issue, she persuaded me to try the AIP/Paleo elimination diet to see whether food sensitivity may help with some, if not all of my symptoms. Initially sceptical, with her constant support, help and advice I started this diet a few weeks ago. And it’s actually been much easier than I had imagined. In just a few weeks, the pain has dramatically reduced and I have lost some weight that I have been trying to shift for a couple of years! I don’t think I really understood what “health coaching” meant and was worried that I was going to be guilt tripped into doing loads of things I didn’t really want to do (namely going to a gym!), but Caroline works with you and what is achievable, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to make changes to their health but doesn’t know where to start.


I can really recommend Caroline’s Health Coaching. So far I had a total of 5 sessions with Caroline. I always received a great summary via email afterwards addressing topics we discussed with valuable links to further resources and recipes. I decided to embark on the AIP journey and I really enjoyed this thanks to Caroline. Although I haven’t been formally diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease, the health benefits AIP (healing the gut) and reducing associated issues are easy to understand. Especially cutting out gluten, which I started with before properly following AIP, seemed to eliminate my frequent headaches. As a nice side effect of AIP I lost 8kg in 6 weeks as weight is the result of an imbalance in the body. Eating 9 portions of vegetables a day means you are never hungry when adding protein to every meal as well. Despite eliminating a lot, I never craved any of the non-AIP food. Caroline was always there with great advice. I highly recommend to make Caroline part of your health journey.


I enjoyed working with Caroline enormously. She is positive, supportive and really fun to spend time with – she has joie de vivre in bucket loads! I feel confident she’d be able to help someone with severe health problems, but she’s also a go-to person if something doesn’t feel right, and you can’t work out yourself what it is. Her recommended way of eating is a joy in a world of deprivation diets and she will take you by the hand to achieve better health and a more harmonious relationship with food. Part life-coach, part therapist, part nutritionist - I can’t recommend Caroline more highly, and I miss spending time with her now our sessions have ended.